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2015 Update to 4th October, 2015

After 13 and bit months this service is doing really well.

In proberbly the hardest market, the under and over one, we have an excellent

Return on Investment.

Over 1.5 Goals Backing = 15% (that is our worst result)

Under 2.5 Goals Backing = 31%

Over 2.5 Goals Backing = 41%


Below are results in 2014

Here is 30 days with a 29 Point Profit!



In Soccer ATM, Our objective here is to make Soccer an ATM (Any Time Money) machine for you, so you can withdraw money from this ATM machine.

What we do daily to make it successful for you? We research on all world soccer matches and provide you the best Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 selections.

Along with you, we will also bet on our selections and make money long term.

Please remember, Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 are very competitive markets and we find the best bets for us by doing research on all worldwide matches. On weekends, we have more than 400 matches played worldwide - so you can imagine, kind of data we analyze to give you the best matches for the day.

All profits shown are on level stakes but you can do wonders if you are fan of progressive staking.

Over 2.5 - We have strike rate of 55%, with average odds of 2.3 for all selections. Our minimum threshold of Over 2.5 is 2.0, so all selections are equal or greater than 2.0 for Over 2.5 betting.

Under 2.5 – we have strike rate of 58.5% with average odds of 1.95 for all selections.   For all our losses, we have average odd of 1.91

Apart from this, we also maintain results for Over 1.5, because lots of our clients do Over 1.5 betting also.

Over 1.5 – We bet on Over 2.5 selections but they can be used in Over 1.5 market. We have strike rate of 77.8%, with average odds of 1.42 for all the selections.
As I mentioned above, all of our profits are based on level stakes. This is a gold pot for you.


What is the Under/Over 2.5 Market?

This is one of the most popular betting markets, so plenty of money in the pool, and it simply means that we are betting that 3 or more goals will be scored in the normal 90 minutes (plus injury time). We are backing and laying the Under/Over 2.5 option in all the games we put up for selections.

Where do I bet these selections?

Every game we put up will be available on Betfair, and they will be available on most bookies also, we will record Betfair prices less commission in our results.



Testimonals from people using the service.





Part 1 of the Service is the Backiing Over 2.5 goals (on Betfair figures below less 5%)


Basically we are saying the game will have MORE than 2.5 goals scored.





Part 2 of the Service is the Laying Over 2.5 goals (on Betfair figures below)

or if on bookies Backing Under 2.5

Basically we are saying the game will have less than 2.5 goals scored.



Bring the Picture Together, lets look at Part 1 and Part 2 combined.


From 14th June, 2014 to 30th November, 2014

we have had 140 betting days,

for 141.85 points PROFIT

over the 2 selection methods, (laying 2.5 and backing 2.5)


The Graphs below show, the 3 months of the new improved Service.

July had only 6 betting days, June 13, we have had 31 days in August betting.

From now until end of May we will be betting almost everyday.

Below is a summary of both Part 1 and Part 2 selections.

Part 1= Backing over 2.5 goals.

Part 2 = Laying over 2.5 goals(Betfair) or backing on the bookies Under 2.5 goals (if you don't have access to betfair.)

Month by Days Betting

Month by Day

On the 14th June, 2014 the SoccerATM team after much researched changed a few of the selection criteria.

These results are of those changes.

June, 14 betting days, 11 winning days. 20 points profit.

54 Bets, ROI of 37%

Biggest Winning Day, 5.28 pts

Biggest Losing Day, 0.64 pt



We started the new improved selections on the 14th June, 2014. (14 Betting Days)


July, 2014

30 Betting Days, 33.8 points Profit.

170 Bets, ROI: 19.8%

18 winning days.

Biggest Winning Day, 7.82 pts

Biggest Losing Day, 2.66 pts















August, 2014.

31 Betting Days, 66.51 Points Profit.

385 Bets, ROI, 17.27%

21 Winning Days

Biggest Winning Day, 7.14 pts

Biggest Losing Day, 4.35 pts


See the actual Betfair accounts below for these days.









September, 2014

30 Betting Days, -25 points LOSS.

242 Bets, -10.33% Loss on Investment.


October, 2014

24 Betting Days, 16 points Profit.

116 Bets, 13.79% Return on Investment.

November, 2014

25 Betting Days, 31 points Profit.

138 Bets, 22.82% Return on Investment.





From August until May we will be betting almost everyday.



You have to agree these are bankable returns.

Our longest losing Days is 3 once, and longest winning days is 8 once.


Betfair Screen Shot from the 16th and 17th August, 2014

US$33.02 Profit


Bonus 1.5 goals Market

We have strike rate of 80.00%, with average odds of 1.29 for all the selections.


If you are the sort of punter that like slow and steady growth, them this could be a great option for you.

Now it is the Over 2.5 selections that you can use on this option, should you chose.

It is showing 12.57% return on Investment level staking.

Out of 77 betting days, it has had 51 winning days.

Losing days totalled: 18.71 points, so less that .71 of a point per losing day.

Longest losing days 3 in a row twice.

Losest winning days run; 12 in a row once.



How are the selections delivered?

You will have access to the members site (updated 10.00am UK time daily at the latest), and also we have an android app, that you can access the selections via also.

Ipad and iphone clients, can login to the members area.


Start NOW, the selections are up already!



Review is by , thanks to Andy and Laura


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